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We (Marchelle and Kathy, who have worked and volunteered in nonprofit organizations together for over 20 years) created Charity On Top because we understand how incredibly hard charities work to raise money to fund their important missions.

"Seriously, a child's life-saving surgery, a person's next nutritious meal, a dog's rescue from a kill shelter should NOT rely on the outcome of some fancy gala or golf tournament. What if it rains? What if the right people with money don't show up? What if the right people with money show up but don't give – but they do have a good time! Then what?"

After all the hard work and planning, the fundraiser's results are really precarious and only so much is within the organization's control. So, how can a charity fund its operations? The majority of nonprofit organizations are lean, with very limited budgets and staff. But they are doing back-breaking, ground-breaking work solving some of the toughest problems we have.

Giving up a latte once a week is not the answer. We just don't want to. We live on coffee.

So, what if we looked at giving another way? Well, we did. Giving to charity can be an alternative to giving stuff. Look at all the bath sets, candles, ties, candy boxes and other "stuff" you receive for your birthday and holidays. We all give and receive things that sit in closets collecting dust. Maybe we don't like the look or the color or scent, or we just have too much of it, and we re-gift it eventually or throw it in our landfills.

But, what if we stopped giving STUFF and we started giving CHANGE? Why do you think those invites you get say, "No Gifts Please"? So many people feel they have too much, or that they literally do have everything, and ask us specifically not to give more. But, what happens? We buy a gift to bring. We can't show up empty-handed so we bring flowers or a bottle of wine, along with everyone else. Polite, but certainly not memorable.

You know what IS memorable? What will make your "gift" stand out above all the others? A meaningful, personal Charity On Top gift card. You buy a charity gift card for any amount, and you immediately receive a tax-deductible receipt. You give the gift card to your friend/family member/colleague/client/vendor and they redeem it for a charity THEY care about. Not the charity you choose for them, but the charity THEY love. Now that is memorable! They will remember you for the highly personal gift (especially if you customize the card with a picture), and be flattered that you thought of them as charitable!

Our BIG goal is to push all kinds of money to nonprofit organizations – as much as possible! To as many as possible, and not just the big charities, but all charities in good standing and there are over one million of them. Local community nonprofits to national causes. So, the more Charity On Top gift cards we sell, the more money goes to charities that need the help, without them having to spend money on more fundraising events or development staff, or mailers. Anytime you are shopping for a gift, please remember Charity On Top. It isn't just our name, it is our heartfelt, mission-driven fanatical philosophy that we need to keep charitable giving at the top of our minds and weave it into our everyday actions.

Thank you for putting Charity On Top of what you do.

Marchelle & Kathy

Marchelle Sellers - Charity On Top - Co-founder

Marchelle L Sellers, MBA


Marchelle L. Sellers is the co-founder of The Welcome Home (1997-2003), a hospitality house in Pasadena for families of children going through medical treatment nearby. The Welcome Home was acquired by Ronald McDonald House Charities in 2003 and was renamed the Pasadena Ronald McDonald House, where she served as Executive Director until 2008. In 2007, Marchelle was awarded Most Inspirational Executive Director of the Year by both the State Assembly and Senator's offices. She is a resident of South Pasadena, is a current member (since 2005) and past President of the South Pasadena Rotary Club (2013-2014) and in 2015 was awarded Rotarian of the Year. She is a past commissioner for the City of Pasadena's Accessibility & Disability Commission and is a current member of an Advisory Committee of Shriners Medical Center in Pasadena and of Vistage, a CEO mentorship group. Marchelle studied Public Policy & Management at the University of Southern California, and received her MBA from Ashford University. Four years ago, THE Magazine recognized Marchelle as one of the Top 50 Women in the San Gabriel Valley and three years ago Marchelle was awarded the Top Nonprofit Executive by Los Angeles Business Journal. Marchelle regularly speaks on executive leadership panels and has presented in front of hundreds of groups, also appearing on most major news stations, radio and local/nation print media. She is the mother of two sons, 18-year-old Graham and Reese. Her son Reese was born very premature and was challenged with many disabilities. He is now in heaven and is the absolute inspiration behind everything she does. His name is engraved in the South Pasadena Healing Garden, and the fully-accessible park in Pasadena developed by the Pasadena Accessibility Commission, is aptly named "Reese's Retreat" in his memory. After leading Burbank-based Mending Kids International (2009-2017), a global children's surgical charity, Marchelle, and her business partner Kathy Selders launched Charity On Top in 2016 to raise money for charities everywhere. marchelle / charityontop, com

Kathy Selders - Charity On Top - Co-founder

Kathy Selders, MA

Executive Director & Co-founder

Kathy Selders is the other co-founder of The Welcome Home (1997-2003), a hospitality house in Pasadena for families of children going through medical treatment nearby. Kathy served as Board President of The Welcome Home for many years up until the time it was acquired by Ronald McDonald House Charities in 2003 and renamed the Pasadena Ronald McDonald House. As a previous marriage and family therapist, with her Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology from Pepperdine, Kathy has always been passionate about helping families be their best selves. Fundraising and volunteering have always been at the core of everything she does. During her time as an undergraduate student at Cal State Fullerton, Kathy personally raised $1 million for the school's annual fund. As the Gala Co-Chair at Mending Kids, a global children's surgical charity, she raises hundreds of thousands each year to give children around the world a chance at a better life. Volunteering has become a family affair for Kathy and her family. Her husband Tim and their now 22-year-old daughter Cali provide a support system for Kathy to continue her volunteer efforts to make a difference. The three volunteered for Mending Kids in Guatemala where they helped coordinate 108 life-changing surgeries in just one week. Kathy has also given her time to Pasadena-based Peace and Justice Academy, Walden School, Elizabeth House, AYSO, and the National Association of Hospital Hospitality Houses, Destination Imagination and LifeSavers among other community organizations. She founded Charity On Top with her business partner Marchelle to connect gift giving with donating and philanthropy, bringing her knack for fundraising to over one million charities. kathy


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