Frequently Asked Questions

When you buy a Charity On Top gift card you are making a donation to Charity On Top Foundation, so we will send you a tax-deductible receipt and a big thank you!

All charities are included! If an organization qualifies to be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and maintains its good standing, it's part of the Charity On Top family. At the moment it's 1.8 million charities. That's a big family!

Our list of 1.8 million charities is updated each week and only reflects those organizations in good standing with the IRS. We also recommend looking at their profile to see if they have received a platinum, gold, silver or bronze seal for transparency.

Nope! Charity On Top gift cards are all about charity! Some kind person made a donation and gave you the gift card so that you can pick which charity will receive the donation. Wow, that's quite a gift!

No, they never expire. We WANT people to redeem their cards so charities can more of their good work done. We can even help send you a reminder to nudge your recipient to spend their card if it sits in their back pocket too long.

Charities receive e-check payments every 90 days for cards redeemed in that period. Charities will receive the face value of the original gift card less 3.75% to cover our merchant processing and administrative costs. For example, if a charity has one $10 gift card redeemed, then they will receive $9.62 (i.e., $10.00 - .38 = $9.62).

At this time, you are able to redeem the full amount of your Charity On Top Gift Card for a single charity. In the near future, you will be able to choose multiple charities to redeem with each card.

Charity On Top was started by a group of nonprofit professionals with 20+ years in charity work. The majority of our time was spent on fundraising efforts and with no guarantees of success and more nonprofits needing scarce resources, we knew we needed an easier, faster, better was to get money to charity so it can be put to good use.