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Frequently Asked Questions

When you buy a Charity On Top gift card you are making a donation to Charity On Top Foundation, so we will send you a tax-deductible receipt and a big thank you!

No, the IRS will only allow us to provide tax-deductible receipts to the buyer of the gift cards. If you need proof that you redeemed your gift card, we encourage you to take a screen shot of the final redemption screen and save it as a JPEG. If you forgot to grab proof, chat with us and have the gift card # handy, and we can send along a proof of redemption.

All charities are included! If an organization qualifies to be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and maintains its good standing, it's part of the Charity On Top family. At the moment it's 1.8 million charities. That's a big family!

Our list of 1.8 million charities is updated each week and only reflects those organizations in good standing with the IRS. We also recommend looking at their profile to see if they have received a platinum, gold, silver or bronze seal for transparency. "Participant" on their profile means they have not yet provided their financial documents and program goals to receive a medal rating.

Our partner, GuideStar, invites charities to keep their profiles up-to-date and to provide information about themselves to the public. GuideStar ranks charities based on the level of information that is provided; the more comprehensive the information is, the higher the ranking. If you are looking for transparency, you will find this system helpful. Keep in mind, however, that in order to reach Platinum status on Guidestar, the organization has to have years of metrics to compare and share, and newer charities may not yet have such data.

Nope! Charity On Top gift cards are all about charity! Some kind person made a donation and gave you the gift card so that you can pick which charity will receive the donation. Wow, that's quite a gift! Redeem NOW

No, they never expire. We WANT people to redeem their gift cards so charities can get more of their good work done. If you buy a digital card, we will send you a reminder periodically to nudge your recipient to redeem their card if it has sat in their back pocket too long. If you buy our physical cards, we recommend keeping a written list of the people you send the cards to and the corresponding numbers on the back of the cards.

GIFT CARDS: We LOVE charities, and we can proudly say that to ensure charities get what they need to fulfill their missions, we have the LOWEST FEES! Charities receive the face value of the original gift card less a nominal 3.75% to cover our credit card processing and administrative fees. For example, if a charity has one $10 gift card redeemed, then they will receive $9.62 (i.e., $10.00 - .38 = $9.62). For those who want to go the extra mile, we now offer the ability for the buyer of the card to cover the 3.75% charged to the charities – which is also tax-deductible and appreciated. Charities receive e-check payments every 45 days for cards redeemed in that period.

DIRECT DONATIONS: Charities receiving direct donations through our website will receive their funds within 14 days.

YES! You can redeem your gift card for as many charities as you would like, provided you don't exceed the face value of the card and your minimum donation to each charity is at least $5. When you redeem your card, pick your first charity and choose an amount to give them, then go on to select the next charity, and so on.

We come from charity and actually have a GREAT story! Click here to learn more about us!

YES! We love our planet and to hug trees as much as you do and we ONLY proudly print on earth-friendly 100% biodegradable cards.