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  • 11/29/16 November

    This gift card ... lets other choose where they want to give

    Kathy Selders

    Kathy Selders, President

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    The holidays are a time of giving.

    For most people that means Christmas gifts for family and friends, but a Pasadena nonprofit is allowing people to give in a more meaningful way. The Charity on Top Foundation can create custom gift cards for both businesses and consumers that allow the recipients to choose the charity they want to support.

    The foundation, a recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit, was established in August and many gift cards have already been sold.

    "We've sold maybe a couple hundred to friends and family and some to a few companies," said Kathy Selders, president and co-founder of the foundation. "The companies are giving them out as holiday cards to vendors and employees."

    Pasadena Star News
    By Kevin Smith, San Gabriel Valley Tribune

  • 11/30/16 November

    Holiday Gift Guide: Best Gifts for Your Boss or Mentor

    Is your boss tough to shop for?

    Here's the solution: Charity on Top gift cards that your recipient can use to donate to the charity of their choice. There are over one million charities they can choose from.

    "You get the tax deduction and they get to change the world!" says Kathy Selders, co-founder of the company based at WeWork Pasadena. And it's easy to pick a charity: they just type in a name, a location, or the type of organization they'd like to support. Best of all, you can custom design the card and give it to them in person or send it online.

    Cards start at $25, plus a small transaction fee.

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  • 1/23/17 January

    We Won!

    How awesome is this? Charity On Top was among the 14 winners at WeWork Demo Day, held last weekend all over Los Angeles. We competed against 44 other startups that have memberships at various WeWork locations around the city.

    So, how much were our winnings? WeWork gave Charity On Top $25,000. Isn't that incredible?

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  • 3/9/17 March

    We were mentioned again in Creator

    Industry big-shots are taking notice. Charity On Top was again mentioned in Creator from WeWork.

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